Biodiversity Led Projects

Funding Opportunities

We have a series of projects that have passed the first screening stage and are being developed as biodiversity and carbon uplift or avoided loss projects for biodiversity and carbon credits to be issued in 2024. The exact costs of each project vary but we are aiming to have carbon credits issued in $15 – $20 range and biodiversity credits in the $5 – $10 range. Given that these prices are below the market rates for such high-quality credits, investors can get a good return on their investment. Alternatively, companies can obtain credits towards their Net Zero Carbon and/or Nature Positive targets and by selling surplus credits they can reduce the costs of the credits they need for their targets.

It requires a £200,000 investment to get one of these projects developed to the stage where at least 1.5 million biodiversity and carbon credits will be available once the project is fully funded and implemented. On implementation of the project, the investor then receives £200,000 plus 8% annual compound interest worth of carbon and biodiversity credits at the issuance price plus has the first option of investing in the 25-year project and receiving the remaining carbon and biodiversity credits also at the agreed issuance price

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