Blue Carbon Mangrove Restoration

These projects concentrate on restoring carbon rich ecosystems (particularly mangroves) where the majority of the funding comes from the carbon credit sales with additional biodiversity benefits also being monetized.

Mangroves are some of the most carbon rich habitats in the world, yet according to Global Mangrove Watch, from 1996 – 2020 a total of 524,524 ha of mangroves were destroyed. The restoration of mangrove systems yields many other co-benefits including biodiversity uplift, storm surge protection, fish nurseries and more. There is significant opportunity therefore in investing in their restoration.

Our model keeps the credit prices competitive to encourage large scale investment. Restoring all these lost areas of mangroves around the world would cost around $5 billion. Since the private sector carbon markets (both voluntary and compliance) in 2021 spent $899 billion on carbon then restoring all lost mangroves could be done by diverting less than 1% of the current expenditure on carbon towards restoring this carbon rich habitat worldwide.

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